Fashion & Retail

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Window design - from concept, to planning then completion

Retail visual consulting - create store environments, change an environment on a seasonal level

Photoshoots - concepting, shopping & sourcing and execution

Prop & on-body styling - creating looks for photoshoots, windows, or interior store displays

Interior Decorating

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Whether it's a single room (baby on the way?) or an entire living space

Spaces include, but not limited to, living, dining, bedrooms, bathrooms, playroom, kitchen, office, terrace/patio

Main residences or weekend homes can be done, willing to travel

Interior or Exterior setup for the holidays, in your home, office or retail store

Interior Styling

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Redirecting furniture, textiles & accessories already present while adding items to refine a look

Hanging art/photos - many framed (or unframed!) pieces and unsure where to begin?

Prepping a weekend house - floral, welcome amenities for guests, etc.

Staging - looking to sell or rent your home but need a professional eye to depersonalize?

Event Styling

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Will set the scene for an intimate and stylish event, whether it's a baby shower, dinner party, or somewhere in between 

Collaborate on creating your theme and bringing it to reality

Produce & source invitations, tablescapes, furniture, linens, floral, music playlist & favors

Can be done in your home or on location, indoors or out


ALWAYS open to other ideas or needs.

Depending on the service, rates vary. Let’s discuss!