As a former creative leader at Ralph Lauren, I've come to the realization that style and beauty is a desire for everyone but is not always attainable. I've developed a certain learned aesthetic that's come with time & passion, and I want to help others attain whatever form of style they're looking to create.

What typically holds people back from having that chic home, fabulous outfit, or amazing dinner party, is a hectic work schedule, the demands of family life, or the inability to visualize - or all of the above.

Have no fear, I'm here to help! LIFE.styled will help you hone your personal aesthetic and add a little more style to that stylish life you already have!


After living in Manhattan for many years, Brooklyn is where I now call home with my husband David and our two daughters, Georgia & Madeline. To keep a balance, we split our time between NYC & the Hamptons year round. I love and completely inhabit the low key beach lifestyle of the Hamptons but equally love the spark of this magical city that's constantly filled with an abundance of energy and inspiration.

Call it split personalities, but this life is seriously the best of both worlds and I feel that it's contributed to my varied aesthetic when it comes to style and architecture. 


Technically a transplant, I now consider myself a New Yorker, where I spent 15 years creating the windows and interiors for the Ralph Lauren stores in Manhattan & the Hamptons until 2015. This was an incredible job that required visualizing various worlds and bringing them to life.

Additionally, I was a key player when it came to putting together women's looks, a talent that took me all over the country in addition to Paris, Switzerland & Hong Kong. Given my career past, I have developed a broad skill set when it comes to styling - both clothing & home, and an eye for various levels of decor.